about me


  Oh great – another blog…why did you start this one?

While my story isn’t unique, “girl falls in love with boy, boy lives in a cave, girl marries boy…what was girl thinking?!” it is humorous.  Friends and family alike have had many laughs at my expense over the years and have asked me to write this stuff down before I forget it…so why not put it out there for a few strangers new friends to enjoy as well.

Also, thanks to HGTV there is an army of ‘do it yourselfers’ out there who have no background in homebuilding or design but are doing a great job all on their own…so bear in mind…my background is not literature or writing so consider me a D.I.Yer of writing / blogging and if you can overlook a typo here or a run-on sentence there then we’ll all get along just fine.

Where DO you live anyway?

The middle of nowhere…no actually I am incredibly blessed to live in Northern Michigan with my husband, baby boy two kiddos and our crazy dog Lucy.  When we were dating and first married we did live in a “man cave” that used to be both a bait & tackle shop and gas station in the 1960′s, which we sub-let from the critters, generations of which lived there loooong before us.  My husband went on his annual fishing trip and I put an offer in on a “real” house. 

Where do you work?

For an architectural firm in Petoskey, Michigan For a local cabinet company after studying Interior Design at Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids. My daily commute is 25 miles 5 miles of the most beautiful and at times dangerous (r.i.p. Blazer 1) scenery in the state – hence the ‘daily commute’ posts that appear from time to time. I used to spend 40 minutes of my day stuck in traffic on a highway outside of the city bumper to bumper with other commuters…I now have to be vigilant that my bummer doesn’t run into a flock or wild turkeys, raccoons or deer.  

one big happy family!