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Posted by on 27/01/2012

My coworker and I used to have ‘dork wars’ in the office – it was a running gag to prove who truly was the bigger dork.  Some days he would win after talking in detail about the shear strength of a typical nail (approx. 100 lbs) other days I was the undeniable winner when I would proclaim how I couldn’t wait for the weekend to get here so I could re-arrange and label my hall closet (I wish I were joking).

But today I am going to win the ‘Dork War’ hands down by reminding  you all that tonight at 8:00 is the season series finale for NBC’s Chuck. It is almost too much for me to type…oh the emotion…

NBC's Chuck

You see one of the many amenities of living in the man cave was the use of a now archaic, pre-technological, rabbit ears. For my younger friends who may be reading, and by younger I mean born after 1990, rabbit ears is a term for the antenna you would place on top of your TV in order to receive your television channels.  You were at the mercy of the these two spindly little metal spokes searching the airwaves for a signal and living in the great, white, rural north country, deep in the woods, the only channel we could get via the rabbit ears was NBC.

ET phone home

We were at the mercy of their programming director, or whatever the title of the person in charge of toying with my emotions would be. When we were home we would turn the TV on for noise and local weather reports, so whatever NBC was showing, we were watching. Often times my conversations about pop culture went like this;

person: ‘did you see Lost last night it was epic!’

me: ‘what channel is it on?’

person: ‘uhh…not sure maybe ABC…’

me: ‘Nope…we only get NBC’

This exchange happened time and time again.  There were nights when we would get crazy and attempt to break free from the one station monopoly and try to get FOX to come in before the big game started – I would wrap the rabbit ears with tin foil and then trail it up and over the fireplace mantel, and if I could just reach the deer’s antlers on the wall to anchor the foil to then we might have been in business – ultimately it was a waste of tin foil…and time.

Alas, life was simple in the man cave and there was no cable bill to pay every month.  Funny, now that we have 100+ channels, we still find ourselves primarily watching NBC, it’s like we’re wired that way now after all that time.

So in the weeks following our wedding back in 2006, NBC introduced a one hour comedy about a super geek turned super spy called Chuck.  It was funny, it had action and a bit of mystery, did I mention funny?  It was a well acted show with heart, so naturally NBC was very fickle EVERY YEAR about whether or not they would renew it.  I still haven’t forgiven them for cancelling Heros, My Name is Earl or Friday Night Lights and keeping shows like Parks & Rec….really NBC really?!  

But Chuck has been there since the beginning of our married life, watching it on rabbit ears while we were still in the cave, when we bought and renovated our new house, and kid-you-not I went INTO LABOR with Porter while watching it one Monday night in February.  I can remember sitting on our couch in an empty living room with Jamie, watching it before refinishing our floors – and the endless pausing and restarting trying to take care of a new baby and get through just one episode! It’s a little show that has been woven into the tapestry of our daily lives over the past five years and tonight it is time to say screw you NBC goodbye.

Did I mention I was a really big Dork?

4 Responses to why we watch NBC

  1. sandystrohs@gmail.com

    Well Margie, next to Dad you are my favorite Dork. BTW, have you considered Margie for a girl’s name? It would make it official!

  2. Dad

    Just wait – the re-runs will be on TV Land in a year or 2.

    Enjoy you final episode.


  3. mancavediary

    Haha…Good Point Dad…I remember when TV land used to actually have OLD shows on it! XOXO

  4. mancavediary

    Haha…it’s a good thing Dad and I have a cool person like you in our lives!

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