the daily commute – 01.17.11

Posted by on 18/01/2012

ready for a long days work

It is days like yesterday that I am so greatful for this new working arrangment – we were under a winter storm warning and I didn’t have to sit at my desk all day and wonder whether I’d be better off risking the ‘hills by bills’ or going slow with the yahoo’s hitting their breaks on 31 and 68 the long way home. 

Jamie however did have to work and had to clear the river for the upcoming trips that have signed up for the next few weeks.  It was in bad shape from storms and high water which meant that Jamie would be out in a canoe with his chainsaw, and other various sharp impliments, on a very snowy day, clearing trees and branches from the river….alone.

You know that rule, ‘never stand up in a canoe’…….you would think ‘never stand up in a canoe while operating a chainsaw’ should go without saying -  but Jamie wouldn’t have it any other way! Thought you might enjoy some snapshots he took on his excursion yesterday.

anyone for a ride?




6 Responses to the daily commute – 01.17.11

  1. Mary

    Wow, that is looks cold and slightly crazy. I am glad he returned safe and sound:)

  2. Brian

    Wow! Crazy! What a job. Thanks Jamie. Please clean up meadows to rondo for me next time!

  3. mancavediary

    Haha…Brian is that stretch bad? He’s got S. White to N. White cleared for you :) Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the warmer winter and float a couple of times!


    These pictures make me shiver. I don’t know how he does it. I need to pray more for him. Looks pretty dangerous. I almost missed this post thinking that I had seen it already….glad I was on here setting up my new ad. It worked fine btw, you should have received my ad for approval and I have used PP to pay for it.
    Thanks for designing it for me!

  5. Dad

    The dirty Job’s show need to try and keep up with Jamie. Amazing Man


    Hey I see you picked up another advertiser. Wonderful!!!! The ad took me to his great website. If he had a link on his site to FB I would have shared his page on my FB page….maybe his webdesigner can ad that widget. Anyway…did you design his ad? It looks great! Love mine too.

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