you know it’s not your first baby when….

Posted by on 17/01/2012

….you have to recheck your own blog to see how many weeks pregnant you are!  There’s nothing like a first pregnancy, taking it easy, reading and re-reading the baby books, getting plenty of rest and counting down the hours until your perfect bundle of joy will make his or her arrival.  I must admit this time around there are still morning I wake up and forget I am pregnant… least until I try to roll out of bed. 

week 26

In other news, some of you may have seen this picture of Porter on facebook last week.  The comments ranged from ‘poor kid he’s freezing’ to ‘his cruel parents threw a snowball at his head’ and my favorite ‘look at the snot running down his face’. Allow me to explain, The “fun” started while we were still inside trying to get him suited up to go play in the snow. 

first time snowshoer

It’s times like these that I rethink living in this climate – it takes mere seconds to slip on a pair of sandals and an average of thirty five minutes outfit a toddler in the necessary boots, pants, coat, hat and my new nemesis; kid mittens. Porter HATES mittens more than most adults hate taxes.

“NO MAMA MITTS OFF!!!” He protests while twisting and withering like a tiny trainer whose arm is ensnared in an alligators jaws.


So we were already in at great mood before we even stepped boot outside.  Porter seemed less than thrilled with 13 degree temperature and the difficulty he was having trying to walk in the snow and after a sled ride around the yard he tried to make a run for it towards the house and fell, face first in the snow. It was like watching it happen in slow motion and all I could think was, this is NOT going to end well – he will be so scared from this experience that he will move to Florida as soon as he’s old enough and we’ll never see him again. I scooped him up and wiped the snow off his face, his cheeks red from the cold and screaming and we slowly made out way to the house. If you mention the word ‘faceplant’ Porter will immediately point first to one cheek, then the other. 

 It was at this point that Jamie pulled in the driveway and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see Porter’s first trek in his snowshoes, so instead of taking him inside to warm up with some hot cocoa, we strapped his snowshoes on and set him in the snow.  While he wasn’t happy about it, as you can clearly see from his picture, he actually was able to walk much much better with the snowshoes on than with his boots alone.

You can imagine my hesitation yesterday afternoon to attempt to take the toddler outside in the snow again, but I was determined to get us both some fresh air and it was a balmy thirty three degrees out.  I bribed him with a couple of M & M’s to put his gear on and out we went.  Needless to say, it was a much better experience for all. We I made a snowman, we trekked through the woods and took a sled ride down the little hill behind the house. I took a picture to commemorate the afternoon and show all the FB commenters that Porter’s can have a good time outside in the winter…….although we’ll probably postpone his inaugural winter raft trip another year.


the perch was thhhiisss BIG!

4 Responses to you know it’s not your first baby when….


    Great read and photos Meaghan. Your words take me back to the days of bundling my own little ones up to play outside. What a lot of work. Good for you though for encouraging him to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Especially six months preggers. Becareful out there. No slip and falls please. And how big was that perch really?

  2. Mary Waldron

    Sandy and Meaghan, I truly remember those days. I had a few of them to get ready. But it is so worth it. I love your pictures. We are still waiting for snow here and I know my grandson can’t wait cause he loves it alot. I’ll talk soon. Mary


    LOL…mary, I am just trying to picture you getting all those kids bundled up to go outside. Porter x 5…YIKES….no wonder you lost it in Germany that one time….no kidding, being a mom is just plain hard work.

  4. mancavediary

    Oh Mary did you ever had a lot of little ones to bundle up! I told Porter that he’d have more fun in a few years….let’s hope he likes the snow, he’ll be seeing a lot of it living up here!

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