goodbye wildwood

Posted by on 02/01/2012

On Wednesday afternoon I wiped down my desk, emptied my lateral file and took one more glance over my desk to make sure I hadn’t missed anything when it hit me – I would no longer gaze out that beautiful, historic window overlooking the bay, I wouldn’t be sitting daily under the barrel vaulted ceiling with its ornate ribs & cornices and I wouldn’t be spending hours in the company of my coworker and bosses who over the past five years are more family to me now than colleagues.  I drove home that afternoon with a bittersweet feeling within me -  finally I would be coming to Petoskey by choice and not chained to the 9-5 that pulled me away from Jamie and Porter for so many many hours of the week. 

This is something I have been longing for some time now. I used to promise Porter when he was a baby that I would find a way to make a change, so that everyday wasn’t a crazy scramble to get him to daycare and get us out the door to our jobs, jobs that we are tremendously grateful to have, but ultimately were not offering the kind of growth that justified the crazy-cycle. We were surviving, treading water and trying to eek out five minutes of time for ourselves after being gone all day, then returning home to make dinner, clean dinner, bath time, and bed time, pack lunches, maybe do laundry and prepare to do it all over again.

You can only do that so long, even for the best of employers, under the best of circumstances, until it wears you down so low that you start asking yourself the important questions and re-evaluating your priorities.  Which is how I came to have a very understanding conversation with my boss over Christmas that lead to our mutual parting of ways so to speak, where we’ve wished each other the best for the future, and plan to work together again on different terms – therefore allowing me the freedom to be more flexible personally and professionally.

So now, if I can be honest, I find myself unemployed freelance, in a terrible economic climate – it is a sink or swim situation, but I am more excited than I am panicked, eerily calm about the next step for myself as a designer – but I know undeniably that God’s hand orchestrates my everyday and it is by my unwavering faith in Him that I have confidence that we will be okay.  

Unsolicited advice time! I would welcome your thoughts and comments on this new venture, perhaps you’ve been down a similar road before and have some helpful tips for me, or maybe you have some great ideas for a name….for baby girl or the business! Or (shameless plug alert) maybe you or someone you know would be interested in working with a rather talented interior designer – ha!

This new year is only a day old and already is off to an exciting start – I am so glad to have you along to share in our story.  Thank you for following along with me this past year and here’s a 2012 full of blessings and exciting opportunities for us all!

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  1. matthew montgomery

    Having done this almost exactly one year ago I can totally identify, and now its requiring even more bravery as my wife is done working now that we have a child. Stick to it, hold strong in your faith, and if you need a website, use WordPress as the engine to power it. :-)

    Matthew Montgomery

  2. Beth Carusi

    I once heard Dr. James Dobson say that change is so painful to humans, that we will only change the course of their lives when the pain to remain the same outweighs the pain to change. You are proving that statement true at this time on your life, and I believe that is the one way that God really gets our attention when we are called to switch directions in life. I, for one, understand where you are right now. Bruno and I had to make a similar decision when our first daughter was two years old and we were expecting our second – except, unlike you, I was just an hourly wage worker with no marketable skills whatsoever. I loved my job, and I loved working in general, but the hectic lifestyle wee were living did not amount to the quality of life we had hoped to have for our children. Even so, I remember sensing that God was asking me to give up my job, but was praying that He would allow me the best of both worlds by letting me stay at work. It didn’t happen. Instead, things got worse (as they do when we try to maneuver around God’s will) – our daycare lady was not working out in a lot of ways, but could not find an opening for a new one, our phone bill had come in reflecting a visiting family member’s long-distance calling addiction and after failing to pay the entire billed amount, our phone was shut off entirely, and finally, my car died and the bill to repair it was more than we could bear at the time. All these circumstances landed me a position as a stay-at-home mom – a job I was not entirely enthusiastic about. However, you will find, as I did, that with less out-of-home concerns on your plate, you will not only be able to spend undeniably priceless moments with your child(ren), but also be able fine-tune your household management more economically than ever before. By ruling out so many last-minute food purchases (Oh, no, it’s 5 o’clock and I forgot to take anything out of the freezer!), lunches out (Last minute emergency diaper changes + gotta get to daycare = no time to pack a lunch!), and gasoline expenses (no emphasis needed here!), you’re already on the upswing financially, but even more so, you will be able to stretch dollars by just being allowed the TIME to prepare and think strategically. As a result of our decision, we’ve always driven less-than-new vehicles, gladly accepted and made the most of second hand clothing, and skipped many a new-fangled item, but the time we gained with our children and the bonds we have with them today make it all pale in comparison.
    Sincerely, Beth


    God is in control and you are one talented lady. No worries here. You will do just fine and your family is going to reap the rewards of the change and your postive can do attitude! Love you!

  4. mancavediary

    Thank you for your encouragement and tip on the WP Matt (the plan for this week is to get all the naming / website domain secured) As I won’t have a true storefront I’m hoping to have a great site to direct people to! I will keep you and your family in my prayers as well :)


  5. mancavediary

    Thanks Margie! I’m so glad to have your support and love during this exciting time – thanks for being such an inspiration to me!!!

  6. mancavediary

    Oh Beth I can’t thank you enough for your encouraging words! You are so very right about these things (especially the gas costs!) I had become a very bitter person Porter’s first year, feeling like I was missing everything and for what? I can’t believe all of those things were happening to you at that time! Wow! Isn’t it funny how much harder we make our lives when we decide we’d rather not fully trust God…eek! Your family is an inspiration to me (and have been for some time). Blessing to all of you in this New Year and I hope to catch up with you again soon!



  7. Mary

    This is exciting! If you follow your dreams and stick to those amazing talents God has given you my dear, all will be great!
    I am praying for you Meaghan, many blessings:)

  8. Sharlene Lade

    Hi Meg,

    You are an extrodinary young lady, who I have so much respect for. You have such deep insight and wisdom at such a young age. I’m excited to see all that God has in store for you.

    My Love and Prayers,


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