the daily commute – 11.09.11

Posted by on 09/11/2011

november grasses by the bay - emmet county, michigan

My mother has a way of seeing the beauty in the environment on the grayest of days and in the most dismal of months - I used to see a field of grasses on a damp November morning and think -uck- nothing about this day is salvageable or even remotely worth a second glance, but now I’m seeing things through her eyes….farm fields on a wet, rainy fall day are bursting with color! Yellow Tamaracks set again the deep evergreens and dried grasses that are every shade of yellow and crimson, dark wet tree bark and fences, all reflecting in the puddles that grow in the wet road, that if set against a blue sky simply could not be as glorious nor the colors so rich.

I feel fortunate to have been raised by an eternal optimist, since I could not be more the definition of a pessimist. God must’ve know I’d need years under her influence to see the world as she does, and at times I believe as he does, seeing the masterpieces in what I would consider mundane. If you have not had the opportunity to see her artwork, be it in person or online, you are missing out – here is a sampling of her fine work and you can see her entire collection here. (side note: she has not idea I am writing this – surprise margie!)

'south haven' - copyright SL Strohschein

'pcitured rocks' - copyright SL Strohschein

'an american farm' - copyright SL Strohschein

'burt lake in winter' - copyright SL Strohschein



3 Responses to the daily commute – 11.09.11

  1. Dad

    Meaghan – What a nice tribute to Mom

    She is awesome and even Mr. Engineer can see with more color.

    Love you



    I want to paint the November grasses photo you took….outstanding and way to see the beautiful in the everyday gloom! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you and thanks Margie.

  3. mancavediary

    GO for it! Paint away!!!!

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