the daily commute – 11.04.11

Posted by on 04/11/2011

another stunning sunrise over Bill's - emmet county, michigan

The past two days have been amazing – mid 50′s, sunny and dry, and for those who live in the north country we know that this is a gift to be savored since all too¬†soon we’ll be traveling through greasy slosh…knuckles as white as the snow we’ll be shoveling for the next 8 months!

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    Just spectacular….and next week you will not be able to see these because you will be seeing them out your kitchen window once again after the time change. BTW, I cringe at your drive to work in the winter but you do come back with some amazing photos….I love your winter scenes! Drive carefully Margie.
    BTW, you should blog sometime about how we came up with the name Margie. Store life was fun and interesting!

  2. mancavediary

    I know…I’m not looking forward to winter driving but it is beautiful!

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