the daily commute – 08.30.11

Posted by on 30/08/2011

Double Dose!

farm fields east of petoskey


my favorite barn - wildwood road, emmet county

I must be getting immune to the beauty and warmth of these summer days on my commute as I haven’t been as inclined to snap photos along the way – that and I’m usually in such a hurry that every second counts in trying to get to work on time, which despite my best efforts never seems to happen!  Today however I grabbed my camera at the last minute, knowing that I had little to no battery power left, crossed my fingers and hoped for that right place, right lighting, right subject and composition and enough of a shoulder along the road to safely pull over.

So here you have it…a two-fer Tuesday of some Emmet County countryside!


2 Responses to the daily commute – 08.30.11

  1. Patty Pastorek

    Meaghan, I love reading your “Man Cave” entries and seeing the beautiful photos you take. You are such a talented lady. I especially loved the photo of Porter in his longjohns. He looked like a baby from the last century! Very cute and sweet. Love, Patty

  2. mancavediary

    Oh Aunt Patty – I’m so glad you’ve been reading along and enjoying the stories and pictures! Take Care and Love & Hugs from up north!

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