“by your kisses I knew….

Posted by on 15/08/2011

…you’d picked me when I’d picked you in burrry pick’n time!” Can’t help but hear the melody of that old folk / bluegrass tune every summer when berry time rolls around.  This year the blackberries in our yard are prolific! In the past we’ve gotten enough to add to a pie, or use for a good start on making blackberry jam but have always had to supplement our little crop by berry pick’n elsewhere.

Not so this year! The berry bushes have been FULL and we’ve Porter’s managed to get to them before the black bears! One evening last week, he tossed his binkie and toddled over to the bushed and started shoveling them into his mouth! The little opportunist will snag a berry anytime he’s out playing in the yard - I love that he’s eating fruit fresh from the earth, straight from the berry bush to his mouth.

a brief pit-stop between the vine and the mouth

the toddler and the harvest

hold on to your hats!

the little berry picker

time for blackberry pie!

Oh and in case you were wondering, here are the lyrics to this adorable song;

“Berry Picking Time”

Well I spied a berry bush as I was strolling home one day
And somehow it brought back the bygone days
Of when you and I were berry picking many years ago
In a little county not so far away

How well I do remember the day when we first met
It leaves a picture in my mind I never can forget


We were picking berries at Old Aunt Mary’s
When I picked a blushing bride
As we strolled home together, I just wondered whether
I could win you forever if I tried

Then at love’s suggestion, I popped the question
And asked you to be mine
By your kisses I knew, you’d picked me and I’d picked you
At berry picking time


Well how sweet you were that day, in your simple gingham gown
To me you were as lovely as a Queen
When from underneath your bonnet popped a pair of golden curls
And the bluest eyes that I have ever seen
Your lips were red as cherries, the taste was twice as sweet
It only took one kiss to make my happiness complete


4 Responses to “by your kisses I knew….

  1. matt montgomery

    Ahh Meaghan, your pictures make me anticipate our little girl’s impending birth even more. :-)

  2. mancavediary

    So very excited for you and your family!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your little sweetie!

  3. sandy_strohs@hotmail.com

    Oh be still my heart. Meaghan, these are so precious. Please make a set of greeting cards or a mug or a table top book from pics of this little boy and poems and song lyrics…..I would treasure it forever. WOW girl, you are remarkable. What a talent. I love you.

  4. mancavediary

    Thought you would love these :)

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