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Posted by on 23/08/2011

Did I forget to mention that I am married to Paul Bunyan?


Sure Jamie may not be twelve feet tall but he can chop wood, hunt & fish, and drink beer like a legendary lumberjack! So what happens when you have a baby with Paul Bunyan? You get mini-PB or in our case PJ!

Last Saturday night was the picture-perfect evening for a bonfire – it was a crisp 60 degrees out, clear skies for stargazing and good friends to toast marshmallows with, not to mention we had Jamie’s new fire-ring to break in!

the new fire ring

One of the things that my husband can do very well is build a fire – anytime, anywhere, any weather conditions, he prides himself not only in his ability to create fire, but in building a flawless bonfire! You could say he is a connoisseur of bonfires:

“The Rager” = BIG FIRE with BIG MASSIVE LOGS to jam out to loud man-music, drink beer and engage in (wife shudders) fire jumping and other such idiocracies!

“The Recycler” = (wife also shudders) Hot fire to burn the piles of cardboard and yard brush that have accumulated over the past eighteen or so months…may also include Christmas trees from years past if you’re feeling festive!

“The Relaxer” = Ahhhhhh…..The perfect fire appropriate for family camping excursions or backyard gatherings – not too hot and not too big but juuuust right for cooking s’mores and hot dogs and sharing tales of yore with the little ones.

So this past weekend Jamie gathers the wood he’ll need to build a fire and separates it into three piles, one of teeny tiny twigs for tinder, another pile of 1″-3″ diameter sticks and then the wheelbarrow full of split logs. He grabs the first batch of tinder with one hand and a newspaper in the other and walks over to the fire pit just a few feet away.

Not a step behind him, Porter grabs the pile of sticks, hoists them up onto his shoulder and then grabs two more with his other hand and waddles toward the fire right behind Jamie. I walked around the corner of the yard just in time to witness my mini-paul helping his daddy with man-stuff. This is one of those moments when WE WISH WE HAD A CAMERA GLUED TO OUR HANDS!!! It will be forever etched into my memory the sight of my toddler, hauling wood on his shoulder just two steps behind his dad. Neither of us saw exactly how he got a hold of the wood and Jamie certainly doesn’t carry it this way, so is it instinctive?

If you have a baby in Wolverine are they destined to be little lumberjacks?

we breed lumberjacks in these here parts

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