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Posted by on 30/04/2014

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Without fanfare or trumpets, black eyes or bruised egos, he finally did it. Jamie resigned from his position of fourteen years to pursue his life long dream.

Perhaps my absence from MCD has been in large part to this BIG secret that we’ve had to keep for so long or all the little things that happen to push us towards this decision and not wanting this place to be an emotional dumping ground where I vent about how frustrating life can be. However as the events have unfolded this spring I can’t help but look back on our beginning and see in retrospect how his job was so intertwined with our relationship and the domino effect of memories that stem from it.

We met because he was that cute guy who worked at the canoe livery, and for a few years that’s all I knew him as. Our first ‘home’ (using that term loosely!) and all of its quirks, was in fact rented from his employer, the many deep and lifelong friendships we have that started out as simply coworkers, and every major life event we’ve experienced has been shared and celebrated with the team of people he worked with. Jamie had become synonymous with their company which is why the quiet feels a little eerie. A day I wondered about and prayed for for years has happened and the sun still rose, the earth didn’t shift from its’ axis and people seem to be going about life like it’s any other day. 

Except for us it isn’t any ordinary day. Today we are on the doorstep of our future and I am incredibly excited to share that with you as Sturgeon River Paddlesports will be open for business Summer 2014!

And now the hard work begins, but the hard work, the unending hours, the modest earnings, the physical risk of the job will be for him, for us, our family. It will be ours. Now we are weaving his passion and talents into something tangible, that he can take pride in and be in control of and possibly someday hand down to our children.   

I hope all of my friends here at the cave both near and far will follow us along on this next step of our journey – and for those of you near enough or passing through, take exit 301 to Sturgeon River Paddlesports and float our beautiful river or just stop in and say Hi to the cute guy who works there ;) 

time honored tradition - summer '13

starting 'em out right! - summer '13



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