paying his respects…

Posted by on 11/06/2013

Of all the ‘charms’ the man cave had to offer there was something beautiful about looking out the kitchen window in the morning.  When the temperature and season were just right there was an ethereal mist that would rise around the pines and from the long window above the sink with it’s low header you felt as though you were peering out from a cozy cabin into another time or another world.

One such morning I awoke, bleary eyed and making my way to the kitchen to start the coffee and take in the view, and as I peered through that old beautiful window my gaze was met by this fellow;

never going to see this yard art on houzz or pinterest!

Face to face, eye to eye with a dead trout, stretched at the gills and nailed to that old pine tree like an artists canvas!!! We were separated only by a single pane of old plate glass. I screamed the same horrifying scream as finding a tarantula in the shower…Jamie jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen not sure what to expect (my girly screams were a frequent occurrence around the cave as I often crossed paths with whole host of vermin and insects).

Jamie: WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?!


Jamie: That? Oh that’s just the steelhead I caught yesterday. 


Jamie: So I can enjoy it for a couple of days, it’s honoring to the fish.

Me: Honoring the fish?! Really?

Jamie: looking at me like this is totally normal Yeah we did this all the time growing up, Hot Dog had his whole garage eave lined with them at the lake it looked really neat…

Me: shaking head No that is not neat that is disgusting! Baghhhhh Can you go take it down?

Jamie:  Don’t worry about it, it’ll be gone in a few days – some critter will come take it.

Me: You mean some animal is going to come eat that rotten fish head?! Ewwwww!

Jamie was right, it wasn’t more than forty-eight hours and that nasty fish head had become something’s dinner. Yum. I haven’t seen another fish ‘honored’ in that way since….and I’d better not around our house!



8 Responses to paying his respects…

  1. sandy

    LOL….Oh I am sure there is some fish honoring goin on…you just haven’t found it. :) Zebras and Leopards…..:) Nice to hear from MCD again!

  2. mary

    That is so funny Meaghan. I think I would have screamed just as much or more. I’d kill him. (haha). Love it. mary

  3. Dad

    Glad you are back

    Love DD

  4. Matthew Montgomery

    AHAHAHAHA! too funny. i sure have missed your blog, I’m glad its back. :-)

  5. mancavediary

    Thanks Matt! It was good to take a break but even better to be back!

  6. mancavediary

    Mary it was a shocking way to start my day! So disgusting!!! Oh the things outdoorsmen will do!

  7. mancavediary

    Me too Dad :) Love you.

  8. mancavediary

    Thanks Margie….he tries to sneak an empty beer bottle up on the shelf in the kitchen from time to time…but I eventually find those too and promptly remove them ;)

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