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Posted by on 07/09/2012

The assignment was simple enough, send a card and a family photo for Jamie’s Great Aunt Irene’s 90th Birthday Celebration.  ’No problem’ I niavely thought to myself ‘I’ll just look through my photos and find one…wait a minute….we have about a million photos of the kids, a few of me with them and almost none of Jamie and I or us as a whole family’ – in fact the last time we had a family photo taken was in the hospital when Lakelyn was born.

Okay, still not a big deal, we’ll just snap a few the next time we’re all looking decent right?……a few weeks go by and no such opportunity presents itself and our deadline is drawing near. Then yesterday I had an appointment to take Lakelyn in for her four month check up and my mom was coming over to watch Porter.  It was all falling into place nicely, I was up, dressed, hair presentable, not covered in food and drool, the kids were in equally good shape and Jamie had just gotten his hair cut….to top it all off my mom was with us to take the pictures so we didn’t have to fumble with the self timer! What could go wrong?

Ha! One word: TODDLER!

For those of you have not have had the pleasure, trying to get a two year old to do what you would like them to do, in our case smile for a picture, would be like trying to teach a goat how to tap dance.  Most days I’d take the dancing goat challenge over the whims of a toddler. And when a toddler isn’t happy it is a house of cards that quickly falls as you can clearly see from the resulting pictures.

Me: (trying to suck it in and angle everything just right so as to hid the extra lbs I’m STILL carrying from the baby)

Jamie: Porter come on buddy smile – look at Grandma (pointing and snapping fingers) 

Me: (bouncing the baby and trying to hide, suck-in and contort my extra weight) Okay everybody say cheese!

Porter: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Puuuut meeeee doooooown! I waaaannnnnt to riddddde my gaaatoooorrr!


Margie: I think I got one, Meg why don’t you check and see if we have one that will work.

Me: UGH – I screwed up my camera settings, everything is blurry!

words fail me...

3 out of 4 ain't bad

he wasn't any happier in his gator

really porter?

probably a more accurate snapshot of our family

we have our own meme!



5 Responses to all together now…

  1. sandy

    laughed so hard I had to get up and go potty….priceless!

  2. mancavediary

    Awesome! These are even better than a quick good picture of everybody!!!

  3. Lauren

    This is hilarious!!! What would we do if we couldn’t laugh about this stuff…

  4. mancavediary

    Ahhh…memories! I knew a family that had an album of goofy pictures at their cottage, it was hilarious! Almost better than the more traditional pictures with everyone smiling :) I’m going to keep them to show Porter what a little grump he could be when he was little!

  5. betsymeerman

    That is great Meg! I just love Porter’s expressions! A perfect family photo on the first try wouldn’t have made such a funny blog anyway:) Love ya!

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