i’m on a boat

Posted by on 15/07/2012

…with two kids two and under!

me and my munchkins

Ahhh summertime – lazy afternoons spent on the lake, soaking up rays and diving off the boat into cool, refreshing waters…bliss….

I remember those days fondly! Not to say that hanging with the kiddos isn’t it’s own kind of bliss, only now there’s more suck it up and suck it in while catching Porter jumping in the water for the hundreth time! Even Jamie who I’ve seen spend several consecutive hours in the water was getting worn out;

Jamie: Come on Buddy just relax…don’t you want to take a break for a minute?

Porter: ignores Jamie and jumps in for the 101st time…then ¬†proceeds to ‘swim’ to the boat kicking up more water than an extra in Jaws and right in Jamie’s face!

Jamie: Porter really take a brea-

Porter: SPLASH! Jumps in for the 102nd time…

Someday it will get easier and all too soon they’ll be teenagers too cool to be seen with Mom and Dad…then it’s back to those lazy afternoons ;)

warm enough for the little lady to swim

catch dad!

swim lessons

photo by p.jacklitch

Oh…and I’d like to wish my husband a very happy anniversary of his 21st birthday tomorrow!

2 Responses to i’m on a boat

  1. Dad

    Great photo’s

    If you could video this work-out, and the cute pictures of Porter, you could make money.

    PX90 looks likes a child’s game to catch Porter for 100 rep’s.

  2. Susie Manning

    So much fun. These are precious days building precious memories. Cherish every second. You have a beautiful family! Blesses me to see how God has blessed you.

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