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Posted by on 12/07/2012

This past weekend my dad and I attended the Strohschein Family Reunion in Hillman, Michigan. The last time I went to one I was still in grade school with nerdy glasses and an unhealthy obsession for Disney movies – now nearly two decades, a bachelors degree, husband and a couple kids later, I returned…older and soon to be a bit wiser.

Reunions are funny in that your related in some way to everybody there, but (depending on the family) they may be near strangers to you. I could’ve passed two-thirds of my relatives on the street and never known we were from the same family tree.  My dad however was better able to recognize his cousins and catch up with the aunts and uncles while I had a good time getting to know everyone and listening to the stories about my dad when he was a kid.

The food was incredible to say the least, comfort food at it’s finest with fresh summer produce and a whole table devoted to homemade desserts! I didn’t just have seconds I proudly had thirds and for a while, conveniently parked myself next to a tray of cookies.  As the afternoon passed everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves when I looked around I noticed something……people drinking and smoking…….DRINKING AND SMOKING?! Don’t they know we don’t do that we’re Strohscheins!

Or do we?

Unbeknownst to me it is just our particular branch of the tree that is baptist. I had NO clue.  Apparently my Grandpa Leo was raised on a farm in Northern Michigan, part of a hearty clan who would hunt and farm, drink and play cards with the best of ‘em.  It wasn’t until he met my Grandma Sara that he was reformed so to speak.  There were even a few snapshots of my Great Grandpa and his buddies;

middle front row - no that's not Hemingway it's my great grandpa norman

throwing back a couple with the boys

Here I thought I was from a straight-laced line of city-slickers only to find out Jamie and I may have more in common than I originally thought. Perhaps our story is a bit less Green Acres and a little more ‘ET phone home’!

7 Responses to next of kin…

  1. Sandy

    Best blog ever!

  2. mancavediary

    Glad you liked it!

  3. Mary Waldron

    I love it. I know family reunions are something else. But it’s so much fun to get together and hear stories

  4. Keith

    Time for me to get in touch with my Strohschein family roots

    Very funny Meaghan

  5. teresa boylan

    Family reunions are great! My husband is in charge of the genealogy record keeping for his moms side…we have received so much information…including pictures and believe it or not…a few skeletons in some closets…lol!! Meaghan you have such a way with words…you are a delight…fun spirited and refreshingly open!! Enjoying your blog!! God bless you and yours!! <3 T xo

  6. karen stevens

    Meaghan, glad i got to meet you and thank you so much for sharing the baby, shes a doll. and glad also you enjoyed your self and got to meet new family members, hoping to see you and your family again in 2 years.. love your cousin Karen

  7. mancavediary

    Karen – it was so great to meet you as well and the rest of the family! You’re right, we need to do this again in a couple of years and keep in touch with each other on facebook :) THANK YOU AGAIN for all your hard work in putting the reunion together and if there is any way I can help the next time around please let me know!!!

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