some people wait a lifetime…

Posted by on 29/06/2012

A few weeks back I was running errands and going about my day when I called Jamie to check in on things and he told me that a very special piece of mail had arrived in my name.  What could it possibly be? Usually I walk to the mailbox like a prisoner in an internment camp…there are BILLS our there and if I don’t get them then they don’t exist right? So was this mystery piece of mail a letter from a long lost relative…a free college grant…had I won some fabulous sweepstakes?!!! My mind was spinning with possibilities when I arrive home to find this;

annie get your gun

THE NATIONAL HUNTING GEAR FIELD TEST PANEL!!! Because I’m such an outdoorswoman as you all know! I’m sorry I just need to take a minute to say,


Really? Poor Jamie, he stood there looking at me as I laughed, the very sound like salt in a wounded dream. Is there more a man out there who defines ‘rugged manly hunter’ as Jamie?! He eats, breathes, sleeps, LIVES for the outdoors and here I am, his wife who wouldn’t know a skinning knife from a quiver, is selected (albeit junkmail) to be a part of the hunting field gear test panel!

Jamie: If anyone should be selected in this family it should be me!

Me: Jamie it’s just junkmail – I’ll give you the free deer sticker if it makes you feel any better.

Jamie: Oh no, I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the mighty hunteress!

Me: So should I send it back? Let them know the I’m ‘Super Serious’?!

Jamie’s right however, we’ve said for years that he would be a great product tester.  Husqvarna, Lacrosse, Hyside and Chacco take note, the man is brutal on his equipment.  Who else will plunge your chainsaw into frigid waters in the middle of winter to clear downed trees, for that matter who else makes himself into a one-man ice cutter hauling passengers up and over or through ice on rafting excursions.  The man works months in a row without a day off and spends 98% of his working days outside in all elements…and when he’s not working outside, the other 2% of the time he’s hunting or fishing in the wilderness.  To say the man is picky about his gear would be a massive understatement and when he finds something that can withstand his abuse he is incredibly loyal.  I can recall a time I scoured the internet for the best long underwear ever made – no other long johns even come remotely close to keeping him as warm as this prized pair! Heaven help us all when they change or worse yet, discontinue something that he loves…I’m still hearing about a Kobuk wading jacket that he can’t get anymore and all the ways it was superior to any other product on the market because it even had a back pocket to hold his beer – afterall when you’re out for trout you don’t want to miss the big one because you’re fumbling for your Foster’s!

…and thank you to the National Field Gear Testing Panel, for a good laugh and for the return address labels ;)


2 Responses to some people wait a lifetime…

  1. mom

    I honestly think you should test th equipment,might be worth it.

  2. mancavediary

    Very good point – I can pass it along to Jamie if I can’t use it right?!

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