the daily commute – 01.31.12

Posted by on 31/01/2012

january sunrise - cheboygan county, mi

I snapped this picture as I was driving walking to my desk ¬†- it’s still an unusual and incredible feeling NOT traveling 60 miles a day to and from the office. ¬† Jamie says I should re-name the ‘daily commute’ segment since I’m not technically commuting everyday now but since I’m a bit sentimental I think we’ll stick with it. ¬†Sunrises like these are one bonus to the interminably dark days of winter…it’s no secret that I’m not awake by 5:30 in the summer to see such a display.

On a side note – I aged about ten years yesterday when Jamie decided to take Porter on his first snowmobile ride. He had a helmet that fit and they didn’t go very far, but still, all I could think of were the countless news reports that seem to plague the winter weekends, of people having accidents while riding. *sigh* I hope my daughter is a cautious nerd!

the tiny rider

seems right at home

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    Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sunrise shot is just glorious. So glad you can enjoy that while sipping coffee in your sunroom/office! Post pics of your office please! I think your readers would enjoy seeing your new set up…..But my favorite part of this blog, of course, is Porter in his sledding gear. Woo Hoo! How great to have a father/son team that like the same things. I have a feeling in a couple of years you will only see evidence of Jamie and Porter, specifically, the laundry and dirty dishes….I can just imagine them tramping through the woods and over the hills, dales, and fishing holes…..while you and little miss are left to fold laundry and cook wonderful meals for your wanderers. Hopefully little miss will like grand adventures outdoors as well. Another fun read. You always leave me wanting more!
    Hey, where’s the maternity Monday shot?

  2. Mary

    Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing cause that’s the only way this girl would ever see it:) I am so not a morning person. Porter looks so cute!!!

  3. Brian

    This is one of those priceless perks working from home provides. ” I snapped this picture as I was driving walking to my desk”. Gotta love it! Beautiful Meg!

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