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proudly introducing…

Lakelyn Irene Jacklitch arrived this past Thursday April 19th at 5:17am – 6lbs 13oz 19.5″ – a little piece of heaven. I love the look on Jamie’s face in this picture, he looks like a first timer, or as one friend more accurately put it ‘a baby deer in headlights’. I was mistaken last week &hellip Continue reading »

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The only picture I wanted to see less than this one; Is this one; Snow in April is dis-heartening….almost as much as every day that inches closer to D Day and baby girl still isn’t here. I am now officially more pregnant that I have even been as Porter was early *sigh* I really didn’t &hellip Continue reading »

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I can not believe I found this in my own house!

When we left the man cave five years ago it was theraputic to say the least – no more orange rusty shower and giant spiders hiding in my clothes, no more oven that had to be lit with a match and a prayer, no more dingy asbestos and critter-filled walls – I was a free &hellip Continue reading »

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…the land of pleasant living

WHEW! Just in the nick of time little miss’ room is ready! Aside from the kitchen, it’s been the biggest and fastest transformation in the house to date! ¬†What was supposed to be an office was really a ‘catch all’ space for junk and miscellaneous items that never found a home – it was our &hellip Continue reading »

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a new low…

Here is a phrase you never want to have to Google: pregnancy and pneumonia, especially not when you are 37 weeks pregnant! Last weekend Porter woke up in the night with a terrible barking cough and fever – we didn’t worry too much about it initially and figured he had a bug that was going &hellip Continue reading »

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