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the birth companion

When we were pregnant with Porter, Jamie and I took a one-day birth class to help “prepare” for labor and delivery. I use the term “prepare” loosely since I believe, now more than ever, that you simply cannot prepare for an event so painful or uncontrollable – it would be like trying to prepare for &hellip Continue reading »

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fishin’ camp

…There are two types of people in this world; those who will choose to camp outside in the winter and those who are appalled at the very thought! Jamie eagerly falls into the first category and I’ll let you guess which err…camp I fall into. ‘Steelhead Camp’ is the very week by which his entire &hellip Continue reading »

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lone wolf

I’m BACK! Ha! For reasons unknown I was kicked out of my own cave….hmmm…wish I could say I was out at some incredible spa retreat but who are we kidding, as my friend who also has two little ones at home recently said, “A spa day now constitutes brushing my teeth and showering in the &hellip Continue reading »

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meg-ternity time

A week ago I was bemoaning the fact that I have to wear socks and shoes while this pregnant – trying to put on socks right now involves contorting myself into advanced-level yoga-esque positions and it just isn’t happening.  I’ve tried to make a game called ‘put mama’s socks on’ for Porter but he isn’t &hellip Continue reading »

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trust the gorton’s fisherman

What a difference a week makes! Last Sunday we were hunkered down, smelly and cold without power and temps of -9 degrees! Fast forward seven days and Jamie is, not kidding, laying out in the driveway between snowbanks, basking in the 72 degrees and warm spring sun! The weather in Michigan can be more temperamental &hellip Continue reading »

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who wouldn’t want this?

Well we’re finally all settled in after the BIG snow – the power is back on and the house is toasty warm again.  When Porter woke up Monday morning he says to me with big eyes, ‘bebe on power power!’  I guess we watch Elmo a little more than I realized.  Jamie was loving it! &hellip Continue reading »

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i apologize in advance…

…there’s a lot of snow pictures in this post and like my mom always says, ‘pictures of snow look the same after a while’. Nevertheless I can’t stop taking pictures! As the weathermen predicted we got hammered last night with our first blizzard of the season…better late than never right? We woke up to 18+ &hellip Continue reading »

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a late winter float

One of the perks of being married to the local raft guide is that you can find yourself ‘dropping everything’ to float the river…at any time of the year.  Which is how we found ourselves on the sturgeon yesterday afternoon, cedar trees criss-crossing the river, branches caked in fresh snow…and at a balmy 36 degrees &hellip Continue reading »

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“jamie porter”

A few of you may remember this post from a few months back…well we have another newspaper article to add to Jamie’s collection of interviews (believe it or not we still have real newspapers in the north country!) but this one has an interesting twist! Ahhh…journalism at its finest! I know Porter is a natural &hellip Continue reading »

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