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the daily commute – 01.31.12

I snapped this picture as I was driving walking to my desk  - it’s still an unusual and incredible feeling NOT traveling 60 miles a day to and from the office.   Jamie says I should re-name the ‘daily commute’ segment since I’m not technically commuting everyday now but since I’m a bit sentimental I &hellip Continue reading »

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why we watch NBC

My coworker and I used to have ‘dork wars’ in the office – it was a running gag to prove who truly was the bigger dork.  Some days he would win after talking in detail about the shear strength of a typical nail (approx. 100 lbs) other days I was the undeniable winner when I &hellip Continue reading »

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27 down…..13 to go

…or as I like to say, 11 weeks left! Which means there’s only 11 weeks left to get EVERYTHING in order!!! It’s hard for men to understand compulsive behavior of a nesting woman – the instinctual drive to make sure their home is ready for the new addition. Why else would I empty my entire &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 01.17.11

It is days like yesterday that I am so greatful for this new working arrangment – we were under a winter storm warning and I didn’t have to sit at my desk all day and wonder whether I’d be better off risking the ‘hills by bills’ or going slow with the yahoo’s hitting their breaks on 31 &hellip Continue reading »

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you know it’s not your first baby when….

….you have to recheck your own blog to see how many weeks pregnant you are!  There’s nothing like a first pregnancy, taking it easy, reading and re-reading the baby books, getting plenty of rest and counting down the hours until your perfect bundle of joy will make his or her arrival.  I must admit this &hellip Continue reading »

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the rules of freelance…

I realize I am not writing this from the experience of a seasoned pro but still wanted to lay down some ground rules for my new working-from-home situation before bad habits form and perhaps sharing them with you, like a New Year’s resolution, will hold me accountable.  Things are still topsy-turvy around here as we’ve been busy &hellip Continue reading »

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the making of maternity mondays…

Hello my name is Meaghan and I am a photoshop-aholic…it is my third kidney.  Some people can not function without their cell phone for a day…I go into a frenzied panic when my computer crashes and I can not access this magnificent all powerful tool!!! And while I recognize a truly good photograph, particularly those &hellip Continue reading »

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a new year a new baby…

6 months! It’s hard to believe that we only have three months to go – especially since there are still so many things to get done around the homefront! Yikes! It’s all hands on deck now that we’re through the holidays…we’ve got rooms to re-arrange and furniture to move.  My best-y Tarynn has kindly offered to help paint &hellip Continue reading »

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goodbye wildwood

On Wednesday afternoon I wiped down my desk, emptied my lateral file and took one more glance over my desk to make sure I hadn’t missed anything when it hit me – I would no longer gaze out that beautiful, historic window overlooking the bay, I wouldn’t be sitting daily under the barrel vaulted ceiling &hellip Continue reading »

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