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the (awesome) daily commute – 09.29.11

So last night after tucking Porter into bed I noticed a missed call from my boss – turns out we needed to get some drawings to Mackinac Island first thing in the morning, and since I live the closest and have the lightest work load at the moment, it became my burden to bear! Darn &hellip Continue reading »

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It just has to be said…..

I came across this little gem while perusing LL Bean’s signature collection.  Let me start by saying shouting this: I LOVE LL BEAN!!!!!!!!! I love their products, their customer service, their warranty, their free shipping on any order, the rustic all-American legacy of their company….. but I HATE this shirt! I’m sorry but that model &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 09.14.11

This garden is on the property of one of our current jobs - I was sent out yesterday to take some photos of the construction progress and snapped this one on my way out.  This fence breaks my heart because the previous owner left as a result of a foreclosure situation and from the first time I stepped foot on &hellip Continue reading »

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of mice and meg

The weather is turning cold in a hurry! Labor Day hit and BAM it’s fall. We had two mornings last week that were, I wish I were joking, 33 degrees. I was scrambling to find a winter hat to send Porter to day care with…a winter hat in September. Don’t get me wrong I love &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 09.02.11

Good Morning Bill’s Corner: This isn’t the technical name for this corner, in fact, I’m not certain whether is particular barn belongs to Bill’s Farm, but you mention to anyone who lives here the ‘curvy hills out by Bills’ and they know exactly what you’re referring to. This barn is striking in every season, you may &hellip Continue reading »

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old man river…

A few days back I found myself ‘googling’ Sturgeon River – Michigan for images and this is what I found;     Every dozen or so pictures was of Jamie! When did my husband become synonymous with the mighty Sturgeon River?! JAMIE = RIVER? I suppose it’s fitting since he spends (and I am not exaggerating) &hellip Continue reading »

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