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the daily commute – 08.30.11

Double Dose!   I must be getting immune to the beauty and warmth of these summer days on my commute as I haven’t been as inclined to snap photos along the way – that and I’m usually in such a hurry that every second counts in trying to get to work on time, which despite my best &hellip Continue reading »

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manly-men doing man things!

Did I forget to mention that I am married to Paul Bunyan? Sure Jamie may not be twelve feet tall but he can chop wood, hunt & fish, and drink beer like a legendary lumberjack! So what happens when you have a baby with Paul Bunyan? You get mini-PB or in our case PJ! Last &hellip Continue reading »

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“by your kisses I knew….

…you’d picked me when I’d picked you in burrry pick’n time!” Can’t help but hear the melody of that old folk / bluegrass tune every summer when berry time rolls around.  This year the blackberries in our yard are prolific! In the past we’ve gotten enough to add to a pie, or use for a good &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 08.11.11

McLean & Eakin – North Entrance McLean & Eakin is fortunate enough to be neighbors with Roast & Toast…..then again….this means their neighbors are a bunch of eclectic hippies. They have an author signing today – I’m not sure who the author is but I wish it were me.  I suppose I’d have to publish &hellip Continue reading »

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