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the daily commute – 07.28.11

So I was driving down Wildwood this morning, the 5 miles stretch of rugged dirt road on my daily commute, when up ahead in the straightaway I see an animal crossing the road.  This isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, in fact it’s more unusual not to see any critters…deer…turkey…racoons…fox…But this time the figure crossing the &hellip Continue reading »

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the porcelain throne

A few weeks ago I posted about the most amazing kitchen in America- and a friend asked for some info on bathroom suites as well.  I thought to segue into our weekend we could peruse a few lovely lavatories… So let’s take a departure from the grime and terror that is the man cave bathroom and &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 07.15.11

Thursdays used to be ‘wing day’ around the office since at BW3′s they offer an earth-shattering half cent off their boneless wings on that day.  It wasn’t so much beacause of the amazing savings it offered but more because of the comeradery this became our Thursday lunch routine.  That is until we moved into our new office &hellip Continue reading »

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hillbilly security

My co-worker and I were talking recently about our kids and protecting our families and the second amendment and the debate about keeping guns in the house with kids around…you know the sort of typical water-cooler conversation….  He and my husband are both avid hunters and grew up with guns and as a result, are very comfortable &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 07.06.11

 Those who know – know about Roast & Toast and those who may know a little too much….know about their Pepper Turkey Sandwich, among other indescribably scrumptious menu options….as always lovingly prepared by your friendly hometown hippies. That being said…Blissfest is next week! I wonder who will be manning the helm at R & T?! Bookmark on &hellip Continue reading »

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