some people wait a lifetime…

A few weeks back I was running errands and going about my day when I called Jamie to check in on things and he told me that a very special piece of mail had arrived in my name.  What could it possibly be? Usually I walk to the mailbox like a prisoner in an internment &hellip Continue reading »

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“jamie porter”

A few of you may remember this post from a few months back…well we have another newspaper article to add to Jamie’s collection of interviews (believe it or not we still have real newspapers in the north country!) but this one has an interesting twist! Ahhh…journalism at its finest! I know Porter is a natural &hellip Continue reading »

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opening day

First things first – Happy Birthday to my friend Amanda!!!! May you marry a man who isn’t a hunter ;) Hope your day and this coming year are wonderful for you! Well here we are…..November 15th…..a date in the north country that rivals Christmas.  The energy in the air is palpable as hunters fill motels, &hellip Continue reading »

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romancing the cave

  My boss asked me during lunch my first day on the job (as I was giving him the run-down of the aminties the man cave had to offer) why on earth did I stay?!…..well….I stayed because I couldn’t NOT be with Jamie. Simple as that. Our first phone conversation went something like this: me: &hellip Continue reading »

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old man river…

A few days back I found myself ‘googling’ Sturgeon River – Michigan for images and this is what I found;     Every dozen or so pictures was of Jamie! When did my husband become synonymous with the mighty Sturgeon River?! JAMIE = RIVER? I suppose it’s fitting since he spends (and I am not exaggerating) &hellip Continue reading »

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manly-men doing man things!

Did I forget to mention that I am married to Paul Bunyan? Sure Jamie may not be twelve feet tall but he can chop wood, hunt & fish, and drink beer like a legendary lumberjack! So what happens when you have a baby with Paul Bunyan? You get mini-PB or in our case PJ! Last &hellip Continue reading »

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first timer

Yesterday being Father’s Day it was a ‘free choice’ so to speak for Jamie to plan our day together and because he is awesome, he chose going-to-the-beach-all day as a family and doing nothing but relaxing in the sand, basking in the warmth of the sun and splashing in the water all the while reliving &hellip Continue reading »

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