bridge out!

In taking advantage of the warmer weather we’ve been having, Porter and I decided to venture out of the house and check out the bridge work in town.  Since this past November they have been busy replacing the historic Camelback bridge that spans the Indian River.  It is more than mildly inconvenient if you have &hellip Continue reading »

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killing colonel mustard

Jamie never liked the soft yellow color I’d painted the guest room.  ’Fioli Honey’ it was technically called but he always referred to it with total disgust as mustard. It doesn’t help that he HATES that particular condiment so anything that might even be close to yellow in color is an instant turn off for &hellip Continue reading »

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cha cha cha cha changes……

…I really dislike that song but it feels like a theme around our house lately.  A wise colleague once said to me, “you’ll finish your house when one of two things happens, when it’s time to sell it or before the new baby arrives.” Were truer words ever spoken? I think not! The addition of &hellip Continue reading »

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notes from paul bunyan’s mother

me: You got to pick last year it’s my turn this time….especially since soon he’ll be old enough to decide and I’m sure he’ll always pick something tough and manly! jamie: Okay fine – what would you like him to be this year? me: hmmmmm….how about a black  bear! jamie: no that’s really baby-ish me: But &hellip Continue reading »

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It just has to be said…..

I came across this little gem while perusing LL Bean’s signature collection.  Let me start by saying shouting this: I LOVE LL BEAN!!!!!!!!! I love their products, their customer service, their warranty, their free shipping on any order, the rustic all-American legacy of their company….. but I HATE this shirt! I’m sorry but that model &hellip Continue reading »

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manly-men doing man things!

Did I forget to mention that I am married to Paul Bunyan? Sure Jamie may not be twelve feet tall but he can chop wood, hunt & fish, and drink beer like a legendary lumberjack! So what happens when you have a baby with Paul Bunyan? You get mini-PB or in our case PJ! Last &hellip Continue reading »

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“by your kisses I knew….

…you’d picked me when I’d picked you in burrry pick’n time!” Can’t help but hear the melody of that old folk / bluegrass tune every summer when berry time rolls around.  This year the blackberries in our yard are prolific! In the past we’ve gotten enough to add to a pie, or use for a good &hellip Continue reading »

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My parents have been busy cleaning out every nook and cranny in their house and purging all of the miscellaneous junk that has collected over the years. They were by no means in the running for an episode of Hoarders, but we moved around A LOT when I was a kid so we never had to do &hellip Continue reading »

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the biter and the baller

Last night as I was trying to clean up dinner and simultaneously balance a toddler on my hip, said toddler BIT me! It went like this: me: Jamie did you remember to OOOOOOOOUUUUUUCCCHCHCHHHHH!!!!!! HE BIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie: -blank look of shock- Me: -Immediately set the offender on the rug and walk into the sunroom to &hellip Continue reading »

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