new beginnings

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Without fanfare or trumpets, black eyes or bruised egos, he finally did it. Jamie resigned from his position of fourteen years to pursue his life long dream. Perhaps my absence from MCD has been in large part to this BIG secret that we’ve had &hellip Continue reading »

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dan the man

Me: Happy Anniversary Honey Jamie: STOP DOING THAT! You’re going to give me a heart attack!  (I do this to him frequently since I have a mind like a steel trap – I can recall dates, details and conversations in vivid detail years after they’ve happend – it’s not a great quality in a wife) &hellip Continue reading »

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the foreigner

This is one of the reasons why I love my job… “Out of Office – Across the street at the Roadhouse”   What you’re interested in cabinetry for your kitchen…oh you can find the sales people at the bar across the street! Now it’s not as bad as it seems since the bar is the &hellip Continue reading »

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paying his respects…

Of all the ‘charms’ the man cave had to offer there was something beautiful about looking out the kitchen window in the morning.  When the temperature and season were just right there was an ethereal mist that would rise around the pines and from the long window above the sink with it’s low header you &hellip Continue reading »

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are you ready for some football?!

Before I met Jamie this is largely how I felt about football season; What on earth was so interesting about it anyway? It looked to me like just a  bunch of guys running into each other and oh, wait something happened after playing for only two seconds…better line up and run into each other again. &hellip Continue reading »

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all together now…

The assignment was simple enough, send a card and a family photo for Jamie’s Great Aunt Irene’s 90th Birthday Celebration.  ’No problem’ I niavely thought to myself ‘I’ll just look through my photos and find one…wait a minute….we have about a million photos of the kids, a few of me with them and almost none &hellip Continue reading »

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the daily commute – 08.04.12

As much as I loath the word ‘staycation’ I couldn’t help but feel like a tourist in my own town this past week.  Routine lab work in Petoskey turned into an afternoon with Margie and the kiddos walking around the downtown and waterfront and it was wonderful to say the least.  I spent the better &hellip Continue reading »

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i’m on a boat

…with two kids two and under! Ahhh summertime – lazy afternoons spent on the lake, soaking up rays and diving off the boat into cool, refreshing waters…bliss…. I remember those days fondly! Not to say that hanging with the kiddos isn’t it’s own kind of bliss, only now there’s more suck it up and suck &hellip Continue reading »

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next of kin…

This past weekend my dad and I attended the Strohschein Family Reunion in Hillman, Michigan. The last time I went to one I was still in grade school with nerdy glasses and an unhealthy obsession for Disney movies – now nearly two decades, a bachelors degree, husband and a couple kids later, I returned…older and &hellip Continue reading »

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some people wait a lifetime…

A few weeks back I was running errands and going about my day when I called Jamie to check in on things and he told me that a very special piece of mail had arrived in my name.  What could it possibly be? Usually I walk to the mailbox like a prisoner in an internment &hellip Continue reading »

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